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How labels can meet the growing e-commerce challenge

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vincenzo.palumbo and
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E-commerce sales continue to grow significantly across Europe and globally. Total 2019 EU online sales have reached 621 billion euros (13% above 2018), and COVID-19 crisis has accelerated e-commerce adoption among brands and consumers much faster than forecasted in the beginning of the year.

Logistics labels such as thermal papers have been present in the market for a while, and continue being an effective and widely used solution in logistics and e-commerce. In addition, custom (non-standard) label constructions are an important part of the solution. For example, Piggyback ‘label-on-label’ constructions allow parts of a label to be removed with other parts retained. Such labels have been proven to significantly improve logistics operations, ensuring fast and efficient information transfer with less human error.

Constructions such as Gum Twins and Transfer Tapes can be used for custom RFID labels – addressing special applications when standard inlays can’t perform adequately. Options also include labels for small surfaces (using rat tail labels) and removable RFID labels. 

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October 13th
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